Professional Cupping Service in the Essendon and Moonee Ponds Area

Cupping, otherwise known as fire cupping, is a therapeutic technique offered at Lelux Thai that is popularly associated with Eastern medicine. Heated cups are applied to the body to create a seal which then tugs on the skin. The purpose of cupping is to alleviate the body of built up toxins and harmful substances, and to treat a range of common health problems including colds and acne.

We provide a cupping service at our studio in Essendon, and are conveniently located to treat people in Ascot Vale, Keilor, Moonee Ponds, and across Melbourne.

What is wet cupping?

Wet cupping is when a trained therapist applies a number of tiny incisions into your body with a lancet before applying the heat cup. This is in order to draw a miniscule amount of blood from your skin into the heated cup. This method of cupping is brilliant for the treatment of common health problems like flus, colds, and for one’s general wellbeing.

What is dry cupping?

In this style of fire cupping, your practitioner will hold fire inside a cup, taking the air from inside the cup temporarily. Once the flame is removed from the cup, the cup will be hastily applied to the skin of the person receiving the treatment. The cups are usually applied to the back or back side of the arms.

The absence of air inside the heated cup creates a seal which lightly tugs the skin up into the cup, draining the body of toxins and unwanted substances. A multiple number of cups will usually be applied to cover a larger surface of the body and alleviate more of the toxins.

At Lelux Thai, we apply this treatment to patients to treat a variety of health problems including acne, facial paralysis, migraines, anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure.

Call us for more information on how our cupping method can help improve your health and well-being.